Financial Advice

At Potts & Schnelle we provide a holistic service offering to suit your individual needs. We pride ourselves on personalised financial advice to assist you in making the right choices to achieve your goal of financial wealth. 

We work in collaboration with Licensed Financial Planners to provide assistance with:

  • Wealth creation

Helping you create, build and manage your wealth from pre to post retirement.

  • Superannuation

Super will likely be your primary source of income in retirement. We understand the importance of having a super fund that adheres to your goals and objectives. 

  • Investment Advice & Portfolio Construction

We will assist your Licensed Financial Planner to provide strategies that diversify and protect yours assets and lifestyle using only well-known, reliable investments with a reputation for excellence. Portfolio construction advice is designed in partnership with you to achieve desired and realistic results.

  • Risk Management Strategies

Risk management and insurance are of crucial importance for many families and businesses. At Potts & Schnelle we can help you access risk products and review your legal and tax structures.

  • Estate Planning

Your estate plan should provide financial security and certainty for your financial dependants (and others you choose to benefit). Based on a finite asset position existing as at the date of your death, your bequest aspirations need to be regularly reviewed to ensure your plan meets your expectations. We can assist you in ensuring that your estate plan adheres to your wishes and direct you to the most appropriate legal counsel to initiate the legal document on your behalf.